Bill Nye Pushes Global Warming / World Overpopulation At College Math & Science Event

bill nye
Bill Nye the not so Science Guy.  (Daily Titan)

There are few things that make a man dread for the future of the country more than seeing a room full of young adults cheer as a Progressive kook spreads the fiction that is man-made Global Warming.

According to an article on The Daily Titan, Bill Nye was the Keynote speaker at a Math and Science Symposium in California where he preached about the dangers of Climate Change and world overpopulation:

Chants from the theme of Bill Nye the Science Guy, the hit ‘90s science show, filled the sold-out Titan Student Union Pavilions. Bill Nye himself took the stage Thursday to deliver a much-anticipated keynote to end the two-day Science and Math Symposium.

“Change the world,” he urged the bow tie-clad audience who grew up seeing him on TV explaining science in a way that was understandable and approachable.

“Having a planetary perspective allows you to think about our place in space, and our place in the cosmos differently than any generation before you,” he said.

Putting our planet in perspective, Nye explained that the atmosphere of Mars is 95 percent carbon dioxide and in 1997, the Earth’s atmosphere was .03 percent carbon dioxide.

“Everybody in here was alive when this number changed from .03 to .04. This tiny change in the amount of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is causing the world’s climates to change,” he said. “And that is the challenge I was you to take on. I want you to, dare I say it–change the world!”

The global population, Nye said, rolled over to 3 billion people when he had just made his way through third grade, and that number has more than doubled since then to nearly 7.2 billion today. The 7 billion people trying to breathe the thin atmosphere is the problem, he said.

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