AWFUL… MO Teacher Tearfully Describes the Threats She Received For Opposing Common Core (Video)

Missouri kindergarten teacher of 20 years Susan Kimball testified in Jefferson City Wednesday on the intimidation and bullying she received for opposing Common Core in the district.

The Missouri Torch reported:

Kimball described different instances where she, and others, were warned about speaking out.

“In a professional development meeting, um, inservice in November, and at a faculty meeting in January, we were told in my building, and I quote, ‘Be careful about what you post on Facebook, or talk about in the public regarding Common Core. Don’t say anything negative. It could affect your job.’”

Despite others being intimidated into silence, Kimball continued to speak out.

“When I turned in a personal day request to come support the rally for House Bill 1490, I was asked by my principal, ‘Do you really want that in your personnel file?’ And then I was bullied and ostracized by my administration, a few other teachers and the president of the school board. And that continues today,” Kimball said.

Missouri Education Watchdog has more.

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