Asian Commercial Pilot: #MH370 Altitude Changes Would Kill All Passengers Within Minutes – Malaysians Are Hiding Something

Following the World Trade Center attacks on 9-11, 2001, a group of UK pilots were asked to plan a similar scenario where a plane could be used by terrorists in an attack.

flight feet high
Missing MH370 timeline (South China Morning Post)

A former UK military fighter pilot who now flies commercial planes in Asia offered this theory at the time. He shared it with The Gateway Pundit this week.


We theorized that if a plane flew to 45,000 feet the pilot could kill off the passengers. 40,000 feet would do it as well, but the higher the better.

We ran a scenario just for the hell of it after 9/11 to see if there was a ‘better way’ to execute a terrorist attack and survive as a pilot. You can do it. The first thing you would do was tell everyone we were OK. Then disable the ACARS and SATCOM, then depressurize the aircarft at altitude to kill off the passengers and the other crew members since the cockpit has more oxygen than the crew. If you want to do it solo, wait until the other pilot leaves the cockpot, then lock him out. Thirty minutes later you have the aircraft to yourself! Repressurise or descend to lower level (less than 14,000 feet). If you go down to 2,000 feet there aren’t many radars that will see you.

I think the Malaysians are hiding somethingIt doesn’t take seven days to figure out how much fuel they had and therefore a maximum range. Probably got a bunch of terrorists on it right now filling it with C4—— the cheapest way to get the most sophisticated cruise missile in the world!

flight radar missing flight
The last radar contact with Flight MH370 shows it was heading west. (South China Morning Post)

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