Another Obama Success Story… Iran Proceeds With Nuclear Program Despite Pact With West

In November 2013 Barack Obama defended his nuclear deal with Iran, saying,

“For the first time in a decade we’ve halted the progress on Iran’s nuclear program. Key parts to the program will be rolled back… This will help Iran from building a nuclear weapon.”

Too bad it wasn’t true.
Iran has continued to proceed with its nuclear program despite its recent pact with the West.
USA Today reported:

Iran is moving ahead with a nuclear program that U.S. officials said would be frozen, and it is now clear the USA and other world powers are willing to accept an Iranian enrichment program that Iran refuses to abandon, say analysts.

Iran has continued research and development on new, far more efficient machines for producing uranium fuel that could power reactors or bombs, and its stockpile of low enriched uranium has actually grown, according to a report by Institute for Science and International Security.

The Iranian regime has also trumpeted recent tests of new ballistic missiles that could be used to deliver a future warhead while its pariah economy has begun a modest recovery.

Analysts watching the movements say the U.S. easing of economic sanctions against Iran to induce it to make compromises on a long-term nuclear agreement may not be having the desired effect.

“If Iranians believe they can erode the sanctions without making additional nuclear concessions, then the improvement in the economy makes a comprehensive deal less likely,” said Gary Samore, a former principal arms control adviser to President Obama.

“The Iranians are advancing their nuclear program, moving ahead on the program in areas not covered” by the interim agreement with world powers in November, says Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, who has backed a tough new sanctions bill pending in the U.S. Senate. “The likelihood of a comprehensive deal on acceptable terms diminishes.”

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