ANOTHER Horrific & Senseless Black-on-White Beating – Boy’s Nose Dangles From Face (Video)

David Egan, a 16 year-old from Parkview High School in Lilburn, Georgia was beaten so badly in the locker room that his nose was dangling from his face.
The Blaze reported:

It was all over a pair of missing tennis shoes.

David Egan, 16, was confronted by another 16-year-old male student in their high school locker room apparently over the missing shoes — and then Egan was beaten so severely by the unnamed student that he needed reconstructive surgery to reattach his nose to his skull.

The brutal assault was captured by other students and posted on the internet.

The boy’s father said his son would not be returning to the school. The school never called 911 after the attack.
11 Alive reported:


Charges have been filed after a student was punched in the face at school, and it was all caught on video.

Wednesday afternoon, a Gwinnett County father reached out to 11Alive News to show us a video of his son being punched in the face at his Gwinnett County high school.

David Egan is a sophomore at Parkview High School. His father, Daniel, says the student was leaving weight lifting class Tuesday morning when he was confronted by another student in the locker room, accused of stealing his tennis shoes.

11Alive News has not been able to contact the student who threw the punch to hear his side of what happened leading up to the incident, however, according to Gwinnett Schools PIO Sloan Roach, the student was charged with battery.

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