Anita Hill: Clarence Thomas Never Would Have Been Confirmed “If I Had Been a Blonde Female” (Video)

Anita Hill ignited a firestorm by accusing black Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment back in 1991. Hill was unsuccessful in trying to wreck the Clarence Thomas with unsubstantiated harassment claims. But she is still bitter. And, Hill is still out bashing Clarence Thomas and Republicans. Today, Hill joined HuffPost Live to discuss her experiences in the new far left film “Anita.” Hill lashed out at Republican senators.

“I think [if I was a white woman] it could have changed some of the dynamics. But I think it is very clear when you have a senator, like Senator Simpson, saying something like ‘sexual harassment is crap,’ then they weren’t willing to deal with sexual harassment of any woman… I think [Senator Strom Thurmond] would not have embraced Clarence Thomas had I been a blonde female. His constituents, many of his supporters, would not have allowed it.”

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