Who’s Your Daddy? Controversial DNA Assignment at High School Enrages Parents

Who’s your daddy?
A controversial DNA assignment at a high school has parents upset. The focus of the assignment was a scenario where a woman tries to figure out who is the father of her baby.

KMOV reported:

Controversal homework given at a Michigan high school has many parents enraged at the premise of the assignment.

The focus of the assignment is to teach student about D-N-A by having them perform an exercise called “Who’s the Daddy?” which poses a scenario of a woman trying to figure out who the father of the baby is.

The options to choose from are: A bartender, a guy at the club, a cab driver, or flight attendant. After the students finish this part of the assignment, they must also give reasons why the state took the child away.

“It is teaching them it is okay to not know who (the father) is because you can have the state help you,” said Larry Basaj, father of one of the students involved in the assignment. “And if they cannot help you they will take your child away. That’s not the way it is.”

The school superintendent says the question came from a website that the teacher uses and it will be revised in the future.

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