VIRAL VIDEO: Marxist Venezuelan Regime Uses Military Grade Weaponry Against Student Protesters

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views is following the massive student protests and regime crackdown in Caracas today.

The students were protesting the shortages of basic goods and the government’s efforts to deepen its intervention into the economy and corral the press.
caracas victim
A wounded student protester in Caracas today. (El Pais)

La Patilla claims the regime is using military grade weaponry against the protesters.
And posted this viral video as proof:


And there is a gallery of pictures from El Pais of Spain.

Daniel concluded:
Today we saw all the hallmarks of repression from a dictatorship:
– media censorship and closing of whoever had to be closed
– ignorance of the reality as the regime pretends all is fine though an official function (Titanic like orchestra?)
– brutal and disproportionate repression by police and army
– arrests by the dozen
– crimes through pro regime storm troopers
– pictures of assassinated people popping up on twitter

Here’s another shot of the armed police, via La Patilla.

Welcome to the new Marxist regime, same as the old Marxist regime.

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