Unreal. Anti-Capitalist LEGO Movie Makes “President Business” Its Chief Villain (Video)

Because we all know BUSINESS is the root of all evil.

The LEGO Movie was released this week and made $69 million at the box office.
Of course, Hollywood made “President Business” the chief villain in the flick.

Hollywood warns kids about the dangers of business and work.
FOX News reported:

It might be aimed at kids, but the new Lego Movie has got some grown ups in quite a tizz.

Fox News has lambasted the new film for teaching a message of ‘anti-capitalism’ to its young audience.

While reporting the movie’s massive success, Fox Business anchor Charles Payne accused the film, which stars Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson, of ‘indoctrination’, and appeared particularly upset with the portrayal of Will Ferrell’s character President Business, who he even said looks suspiciously like Republican senator Mitt Romney.

“Why is the head of a corporation where they hire people, people go to work, they pay their rent, their mortgage, they put their kids through college, they feed their families, they give to churches, why would the CEO be an easy target?” he asked media analyst Paul Degarabedian.

“Hollywood has its own agenda, but it feels more threatening when they start to push this out to our kids.”

Degarabedian replied: “When you have a movies based on characters and you’re trying to find a villain within those characterisations, often times the head of a corporation is an easy target.”

Payne also referred to recent films such as ‘The Lorax’ and ‘The Muppets’ for peddling anti-capitalist propaganda to children.

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