Wow! Jay Carney Calls Freedom “A Buzzword”

Freedom’s just a buzzword to these #progressive patriots.
Just ask Jay Carney:

“Anything that an added choice that they have allows them more freedom, to use a certain buzzword.”

Democrats are now officially the party of dis-incentivizing labor.

Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors Jason Furman told reporters that the law would not reduce the hours being offered by employers. Instead, Furman said, ObamaCare allowed greater “choice” — for workers to scale back their hours to spend more time with their children, or to leave their jobs to launch a small business or startup.

“This is not businesses cutting back on jobs. This is people having new choices,” Furman said. [LINK]

America, the land of “freedom” and opportunity not to work!

That’s funny, I don’t remember Democrats running on a platform of incentivizing the work force to lower their productivity with the help of universal welfare.

This is astounding. How can Democrats claim to be job producers when their signature achievement is designed to reduce productivity?

The math here is easy enough for a Chicago public school teacher to understand. Reduced productivity = reduced economic activity = death of the American economy = death of a lot of poor and middle class people due to famine and disease.

If Republicans can’t run against this then Andrew Breitbart was right, they suck.


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