The Derp. It Hurts… Wonkette Asks if Obama “High as ****”; Attacks Gateway Pundit for Reporting Same

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

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The self-described “libtard communist” Web site Wonkette attacked the Gateway Pundit this weekend for the offense of reporting the observations of many viewers that President Barack Obama appeared stoned in his interview broadcast Friday as part of NBC ‘s opening ceremony coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Wonkette acknowledges the hypocrisy but ran with it anyway because, well, Gateway Pundit.

Jim made a catastrophic apostrophic error in the headline and used an unaltered screen grab from the interview to illustrate what so many people were alarmed about.

“We debated whether to even lead with this, since after all, even libtard communist Wonkette thinks Barry Bamz looks like he was high as ****, but we also think that The Stupidest Man On the Internet deserves some extra attention for his approach to the “Barry Soetoro was sooooo hiiiiiiigh” story. First, there’s the creatively punctuated headline, which has been duly reported to the Ankh Morpork Guild of Greengrocer’s (and not corrected since the story wen’t up last nigh’t). Then there’s the hilarious photo, which proves just how baked Barry was, via the magic of finding a funny freeze-frame. And then there’s the very subtle link-bolding of “viewers think Obama was stoned,” which is just cute. Bravo, Mr. Hof’t! READ MORE »”

But wait a minute… Wonkette ran it’s own story about the former Choom gang member.

“B. Barry Bamz was either high as **** two days ago, when he taped this Olympics interview with Bob Costas, or he was super-duper tired from being up all night killing Bin Laden again (or up all night to get lucky).

“Before Twitchy SNAP’S and YA BURNT’S with an “even libtard communist Wonkette thinks,” we would just like to point out that we don’t care if Bamz was high as ****…”

“Libtard communist” sites like Wonkette may not care if the man whose finger is on the nuclear trigger is “high as ****”, but some of us do care, more so than we care about stray apostrophes, unless we’re talking about Frank Zappa’s Apostrophe.

(BTW, we’re still waiting for the media to report on Obama’s apparent impaired appearance in the interview.)

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