Shovel Ready – Joe Biden to Speak on Failed and Forgotten Stimulus Next Week

Vice President Joe Biden will visit the St. Louis region next week on the fifth anniversary of the failed Obama Stimulus program.

Obama’s forgotten big government experiment was an unmitigated disaster.

Democrats told us the stimulus would create jobs and build the economy. Instead, the nation is still suffering through the worst recovery on record and historically high unemployment.

Despite the overwhelming consensus that the stimulus failed, Joe Biden will travel to the St. Louis region on Tuesday to talk up the the forgotten trillion dollar project.
The Belleville Democrat reported:

Vice President Joe Biden is to visit Granite City next week.

The White House said Friday afternoon that Biden would make a trip to Granite City on Wednesday.

The vice president is to visit America’s Central Port. The White House says the trip is to mark the fifth anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood also are to attend. LaHood is from Illinois.

Get your shovels ready.
No doubt, Biden will be flinging the BS on Tuesday.

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