Reports: ‘State Of The Union’ a Bit Frosty Between Michelle And Barack

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Baby, It’s Cold Outside–
The Daily Mail is reporting that the relationship between Michelle and Barack Obama has taken an icy turn. The report attributes the last straw to the poor behavior at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service when Obama took a ‘selfie’ with Denmark’s Prime Minister.

michelle pissed mandela

While this inappropriate flirty behavior could certainly be one of the many factors, maybe reports of Obama’s relationship with Reggie Love shouldn’t be ruled out either (examples posted here and here). It may account for why Michelle never wants to travel on the same plane with Obama (who frequently travels with Reggie).

Barack and pal Reggie Love

The DailyMail reports the following:

It is the question that has been dominating  Washington dinner parties for weeks – could the once-golden First Couple of the  United States really be heading for the rocks?

If rumours are to be  believed, the 21-year marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama has been racked by  screaming rows, allegations of infidelity and a string of jealous  fights.

While the White House has refused to comment  on the reports there has been a distinct frostiness in the air between the  couple in recent months.

According to a report in the  National Enquirer – which plastered ‘Obama Divorce Bombshell!’ across its front  page  – the pair have been at loggerheads since last summer and are now  sleeping in separate bedrooms.

The ‘final straw’,  apparently, was Michelle’s outrage when her husband publicly humiliated her by  openly flirting and posing for his now infamous ‘selfie’ photograph with  Denmark’s glamorous blonde Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt at Nelson  Mandela’s memorial service.

According to published reports, Mrs Obama is  only standing by her 52-year-old husband until his presidency ends.

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The article implies that—like all marriages—the relationship was at one time in good standing. However, everything about Obama is an illusion and it’s more likely that the marriage was always a sham. And like all shams, it simply becomes increasingly difficult to keep up the illusion as time marches on.
Regardless, Michelle does not look happy.

American Thinker has more.


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