Obama Issues Stern Warning to Russia… Then Goes to Happy Hour With Democrats (Video)

obama warning

Barack Obama warned Russia today – that the US may not attend a summit in Russia this summer – if Russia intervenes in Ukraine.
The AP reported:

The Obama administration is evaluating whether President Barack Obama will go forward with plans to attend an international summit in Russia this summer amid reports of Russian intervention in Ukraine.

A senior administration official says it’s hard to see how Obama and European leaders would attend the G-8 summit in Sochi, which is scheduled for June. The official says the administration is also evaluating whether to proceed with discussions with Russia on deepening trade and commerce ties.

The official outlined the potential consequences of Russian intervention shortly after Obama declared there would be “costs” to such activity. Obama did not outline those costs during his Friday afternoon statement at the White House.

Then he went to Happy Hour with fellow Democrats.

Meanwhile… 2,000 armed Russians landed in the Crimea region of Ukraine today.

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