Obama Emphasizes Freedom of Religion at National Prayer Breakfast… While He Continues to Bully Little Sisters of the Poor

Barack Obama emphasized Freedom of Religion today at the National Prayer Breakfast. Obama told the audience freedom of religion is a major part of American foreign policy. Obama also said countries that assure religious freedom tend to be more peaceful.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Obama continues to bully the Little Sisters of the Poor.
Judge Napolitano reported on FOX News:

The Little Sisters of the Poor are an order of Roman Catholic nuns who have taken vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. They operate nursing homes for those who cannot afford them and employ more than 50 persons.

The sisters have objected to the requirement that they must pay for health insurance coverage that provides for birth control, as those payments directly violate Catholic teachings and beliefs.

In a pluralistic society, one would expect that the government would accommodate the sisters.

In a free society in which everyone who works for the government takes an oath to uphold the Constitution, the feds have a legal obligation to accommodate them.

In a political society in which many Catholics are Democrats who elected the Congress that gave us ObamaCare, one would expect an accommodation. But we expect in vain, as the federal government has resisted the sisters mightily and asked the courts to turn down their pleas.

What is wrong with Obama that he would employ lawyers to do this?

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