Mitt Romney on Obama’s Many Lies: They Have “Seriously Eroded His Capacity to Lead” (Video)

    Former Governor Mitt Romney joined Megyn Kelly Thursday to discuss the current political environment in the country.

    Megyn Kelly: Do you believe the American people should trust this president?

    Mitt Romney: Well, I believe they’ve lost the confidence they’ve had in him. I think one of the great things you have as a leader of a country is a confidence of a people and a belief that what you are telling them is the truth. And, I think that during the campaign and in the months afterward the president consistently said that if people have insurance they like they can keep it. They can keep their doctor. Prices weren’t going to go up. These things turned out not to be true. And I think the breach of that promise is something that has very seriously eroded the president’s capacity to lead.

    Yeah, it kinda sucks when people find out you’re a serial liar.

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