Joe Biden Speaks on Stimulus “Success” In Granite City, IL – Tea Party Breaks Out

Joe Biden spoke on the stimulus today in Illinois on its fifth year anniversary.
afp rally
A Tea Party broke out.

Americans for Prosperity organized a rally today to coincide with Vice President Joe Biden’s speech.

Today a group of Americans for Prosperity – Illinois activists took to the streets to send Vice President Joe Biden the message that the $831 billion stimulus bill is nothing to celebrate.


The Vice President was in Granite City this afternoon trying to convince the American people that five years after passing the Stimulus Bill the economy is back on track.

Since the passage of the Obama stimulus package, the national debt has grown by almost $7 trillion dollars, food stamp enrollment has nearly doubled, the median income has fallen by more than $2,500 and over 10 million Americans are still out of work.

AFP – IL activists Mary Gray said, “Try telling the people who were working 5 years ago and are now out of work and on food stamps that the stimulus helped them and their families.”

The Obama administration claims unemployment has come down slightly in recent months, but it has little to do with the failed stimulus, and is due primarily to so many folks exiting the workforce. In fact labor participation hasn’t been this low since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.

Taxpayers were told the stimulus would pour money into transportation infrastructure projects, however a recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted that less than 10% of the over $380 billion was spent on such projects. Instead the millions of stimulus dollars were wasted. Nearly $1 million was spent on a study of why young people consume malt liquor and marijuana and an additional $100,000 was spent by the Army Corps of Engineers for costumes for mascots like Bobber the Water Safety Dog.

afp rally 2

Illinois Republican leaders were not so kind to Joe Biden.
The Belleville News Democrat reported:

Illinois GOP leaders were far less upbeat about either the Recovery Act or the purpose of Biden’s visit.

Andrew Welhouse, an Illinois Republican Party spokesman, said Biden could hardly have picked a worse state than Illinois in making the case that Democrats are good for jobs.

“In the last five years, Gov. (Pat) Quinn has been the opposite of a job creator, with anti-business regulations, job-killing tax hikes, and a business climate that discourages growth and forces jobs out of state,” according to a statement the party issued.

Illinois has 60,000 fewer jobs and a higher jobless rate — 8.6 percent — than it did before the stimulus measure was passed into law, Welhouse wrote.

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