Jay Leno’s Parting Shot: “The Worst Thing About Retiring is Signing Up for Obamacare” (Video)

Jay Leno signed off as host last night of the Tonight Show after 22 years.
But, not before blasting Obama one last time:

“22 years, that’s a long time. When I started marijuana was illegal and you could smoke cigarettes anywhere you wanted to… 22 years ago guys actually had to go to a newsstand for porn. Could you imagine?… And the worst thing about losing this job, I’m no longer covered by NBC. I’m going to have to sign up for Obamacare.”

And with last night’s farewell NBC lost the highest-rated late-night host on television.

For 22 years – with one small break — he’s hosted the highest-rated late-night show on television. Even as profits have sagged in recent years, the Tonight Show franchise pulls in $125 million in revenue, according to Kantar Media (that figure, however, is down from $255-million in 2007).

Good-bye, Jay Leno. You were one of the greats.
Thanks for the laughs.

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