Horror! Islamists Pelt Nigerian Homosexuals With Stones Outside Sharia Trial

Violence at Nigerian court
A crowd gathers outside a sharia court in the northern Nigerian city of Bauchi during the trial of seven men accused of being gay. Photograph: Aminu Abubakar/AFP/

Authorities were forced to suspend the trial against 10 men accused of homosexuality after Islamists pelted the defendants with stones outside the courthouse.
PM News reported:

Two Islamic courts in Bauchi, northern Nigeria have been forced to suspend the trials of 10 men accused of homosexuality because of fears of mob violence, judges and officials have said.

An angry crowd last week pelted stones at seven men suspected of breaking Islamic law banning homosexuality after their hearing was adjourned at the Unguwar Jaki Upper Sharia Court in Bauchi.

Police were forced to use teargas and fire shots in the air to disperse the mob, who were demanding summary trial and execution for the defendants.

The seven had been due to reappear before the same court on Tuesday.

But registrar Isa Bununu told AFP: “We can’t continue with the trial in view of the security breach we had during the last court session.

“The court will have to suspend the trial pending the review of the security situation with relevant authorities to avoid a repeat of the mob action we saw last week.”

Nigeria banned same-sex marriage and civil unions earlier this month in a move that won widespread support in the religiously conservative country but triggered international outrage.

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