Figures. “American-Style Evangelical Christianity” Blamed For Anti-Gay Law… In Uganda!

uganda gays
Ugandan anti-gay activist Pastor Martin Ssempa (C) leads anti-gay supporters as they celebrate after Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni signed a law imposing harsh penalties for homosexuality in Kampala on 24 February. Anti-gay supporters celebrated the passing of the new anti-gay law on Monday. (BBC)

Those Africans sure do hate homosexuals:

Ugandan newspaper names 200 ‘homos’ after anti-gay law signed

Kampala (AFP) – A Ugandan newspaper listed Tuesday 200 people it accused of being gay, a day after the president called homosexuals ‘mercenaries’ and signing one of the world’s toughest anti-gay laws.

You’ll never guess who’s fault this all is:

Homophobia is widespread in Uganda, where American-style evangelical Christianity is on the rise.

You know what these backward “American style evangelical Christian” bigots need?  Islam! The religion of peace is great to the gays!



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