Endicott College Student Arrested for String of Knock-Out Style Attacks (Video)

Endicott College sophomore Dillon Destanfano was arrested for a string of vicious, random attacks on campus.
School officials say the attacks were similar to a knock-out attack.

Sounds like a drunk sophomore.

Authorities are comparing the attacks to the racially-motivated knock-out attacks by black youths across the country.
The Daily Caller reported:

A Massachusetts college sophomore is under arrest for a string of vicious, totally random, “knockout game”-style attacks against three fellow students.

Dillon Destefano walked up to three people he didn’t know and sucker-punched them in the face, reports CBS Boston.

Police say the incidents occurred in the wee hours of Sunday, Feb. 2 at or near Endicott College, a small private school in a small New England town about 25 miles north of Boston. The victims were walking home.

Destefano, 19, is a resident of New Jersey. As a freshman, he was on the roster of the men’s hockey team.

Two of Destefano’s alleged victims suffered major injuries. One student, a freshman baseball player, was hospitalized with a broken jaw and needed surgery. His face now contains a titanium plate. His jaw is wired shut. He can only drink through a straw and has lost about 10 pounds.

Another victim has also undergone surgery for a fractured eye socket.

A third victim suffered only minor injuries as the result of an attack.

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