CKE Restaurant CEO: Democrats So Adept Politically & Inept Economically (Video)

Andy Puzder, Chief Executive Officer of CKE Restaurants, a company that includes more than 3,300 restaurant locations in 42 states, was on The Kelly File tonight with Martha MacCallum.

Puzder, an Obamacare critic, was very critical of Democratic economic policy:

“And the expense, by the way, of those people who are going to pursue their hobbies is all going fall on the middle class. And we hear a lot from Democrats, in particular, about how they want to protect the middle class but we keep seeing policies like this coming forward that really hurt them. I was astounded today listening to Democrats in the CBO testimony and the administration about how a party that is so politically adept can be so economically inept. They just have to face the reality on this. This is a bad law. It doesn’t work. Let’s change it.”

And, then you have Republicans who are afraid to point this out.

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