Canadian Idol Contestant Switches From Singing to Terrorism & Violent Jihad (Video)

Former Canadian Idol contestant Khurram Sher switched from entertainment to violent jihad.
The doctor of pathology from London, Ontario is being tried on a terrorism charge.

Here’s Khurram Sher singing Complicated by Avril Lavigne:

The National Post reported, via Jihad Watch:


In a secretly-recorded conversation played publicly for the first time Tuesday, accused terrorism collaborator Khurram Sher discusses bomb making and appears to suggest a repatriation ceremony at Canadian Forces Base Trenton as a possible target.

The conversation between the 31-year-old Montreal-born pathologist and two alleged co-conspirators then turns to their bearded appearances, which brings a suggestion from Dr. Sher that they might shave and “wear Canadian colours.” To which one of his alleged co-conspirators responds: “We’ll break their backs in their own country.”

During the July 20, 2010 conversation, recorded by the RCMP using microphones hidden in the apartment where the trio met, Dr. Sher also speaks of the ease with which he could buy components for bomb making.

“I can just go to, like, a hardware store and buy a few things to build a bomb. I’m sure it’s possible.”

Crown prosecutor Jason Wakely had told the court earlier that the conversation shows that Dr. Sher and his alleged associates were bent on “violent jihad.”

Dr. Sher is pleading not guilty to conspiring with two others to facilitate a terrorist activity, which police have alleged also involved a possible bomb attack in the Ottawa area. His trial in an Ottawa courtroom began Monday.

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