Awful! Heartless NBC Reporter Brings US Star Skier Bode Miller to Tears

On Sunday US skier Bode Miller became the most decorated skier in US history with a bronze medeal in the men’s super-G competition at the Winter Olympics.

But rather than focus on Miller’s historic accomplishments, NBC reporter Christin Cooper pressed him on his brother’s death. Bode Miller’s brother died this past year. This caused the skier to break down in tears.

How awful.
MyFOXNY reported:

Social and traditional media exploded with anger and outrage after an NBC Olympic interview with American skier Bode Miller just after he won a bronze medal in the men’s super-G ski race.

Interviewer Christin Cooper pressed Miller multiple times with variations of questions about the passing of his younger brother and what it meant to him in the competition.

Miller starting tearing and eventually broke down physically and emotionally.

Chelone Miller, a snowboarder, died within the past year.

The interview, which aired on tape delay, was bashed by people inside and outside of the television business.

Richard Sandomir of The New York Times called it “overkill,” Kami Mattioli of the Sporting News said Cooper “repeatedly badgered” Miller and the AP’s David Bauder called it “a shameful spectacle.”

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