Arkansas GOP Speaker Threatens to Pass Obamacare Medicaid Expansion – Grassroots Conservatives Are Furious

Another RINO vows to bring Obamacare to Arkansas–

davy carter ARKANSAS
Arkansas Speaker Davy Carter

Background: Arkansas cut a deal under Obamacare to have Medicaid Expansion include private insurance. Blanche Lincoln (and possibly Mark Pryor this year) lost her US Senate seat over this. Republicans took control of the Arkansas state legislature for the first time in 2012. Arkansas Speaker Davy Carter, allegedly a Republican, won his position with support from Democrats. Last year, the non fiscal session of the Arkansas legislature, passed the Private Option, but they could not fund it until the fiscal session this year. So this is essentially an effort to defund the Private Option. AFP Arkansas sent a letter out capitulating on the fight, which may damage conservative attempts to block funding.

Grassroots conservatives are incensed, especially since the Private Option would legitimize Obamacare in an R+14 state (MO is R+5, and Texas is only R+10). Arkansans soundly rejected Obamacare in 2012 by supporting Romney over Obama 60% -38% . Now the Speaker has declared they will vote on funding the Private Option every day until he has the votes. Grassroots conservatives are desperate for support and attention on this issue, especially since the largest conservative organization in the state has decided not to fight.

On Tuesday the House voted failed to renew the state’s compromise Medicaid expansion plan with a 70-27 vote. The House needed 75 votes to continue the expansion plan.
Arkansas Business reported:

The Arkansas House failed Tuesday to renew the state’s compromise Medicaid expansion plan, leaving in limbo the future of a program heralded as a model for Republican-leaning states to implement the federal health overhaul.

The House voted 70-27 to reauthorize funding for the “private option,” falling five votes shy of the 75 needed in the 100-member chamber to continue the program. Under the private option, Arkansas is using federal Medicaid funds to purchase private insurance for thousands of low-income residents. The program was approved last year as an alternative to expanding Medicaid’s enrollment under the federal health law.

House Speaker Davy Carter, a supporter of the private option, said representatives would take up the bill again Wednesday and each day of the session after that until it passes. Carter said he’s not willing to negotiate further changes to the program.

Here’s hoping the Arkansas Republicans hold the line.
When Republicans stand and fight, they win. Placating the Democrats through weak negotiations only serves to encourage conservatives to sit on their hands in elections. This is why we lose elections…not because we are not moderate enough.

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