Afghan Woman Beaten to Death By Husband – Was Afraid to Complain About His Abuse

bulbol dead
Bulbul was beaten to death with sticks by her husband. (Photo:

Bulbol Bismillah was beaten to death in Bangi, Afghanistan. She had not screamed out until the end when she was suffocated to death. reported, via Religion of Peace:

Bulbul Bismillah, who lived in Bangi in Takhar province, was killed by her husband on January 30, 2014. She had suffered beatings by her in-laws and husband for a while, but had not told anybody about it out of fear. She was found dead in her husband’s house.

Bulbul’s sister gave the details of her death and marriage, “She was 25 years old and had been married for two years. She had one child. We had not been in contact with her for a while because her husband did not allow anyone to visit them. We bought them gifts and cloths but her husband returned them. Bulbul had been exchanged in marriage (Badal, a practice where two sisters marry two brothers). My brother had married his sister and we lived in Taloqan city.”

She continued while crying, “My brother is a laborer and we have financial problems. Two months back, he had to go to Iran to work and sent his wife to her mother’s home. Bulbul also lived in that house. My sister-in-law complained about Bulbul several times. Bulbul’s husband was also a laborer and mostly stayed home as there was no work. It was then that he beat her several times. But Bulbul never told us because their marriage would suffer then. When we found out that my sister had been killed we went to their home. There was nobody there. Her husband and in-laws had all fled. My sister’s body lay in a room. They had killed her by beating her with sticks.”

Bulbul’s bruised legs and hips clearly show that she had been beaten with sticks. She had not screamed till the end and suffocated to death.

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