Wow! Even BBC Rips Obama: “There’s an Undeniable Sense of Stagnation in America Today” (Video)

Wow!… Even the BBC is dissing Obama these days.
In their coverage of Obama’s SOTU address the BBC asks the question, “Is anyone listening anymore?” And, then they blast Obama for his failing policies and point out that income inequality is worse today in America than in most of Europe.

“His approval rating has sunk to the lowest ever. He’s lost credibility around the world. And then there’s his terrible relationship with a gridlocked Congress. Obama craves momentum but his presidency is stuck…

The health care disaster blind-sided the White House and it shows. There’s an undeniable sense of stagnation in America at the moment and the world is feeling it. Take the issue of social mobility. It’s actually worse here than in most of Europe. And the gap between rich and poor is growing faster here than it is anywhere else. But this is the issue that President Obama hopes to use to give Democrats a rallying cry in the midterm elections and help with his presidency… The time for grand ideas is past.”

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