Workers’ Paradise: French Socialists Take Their Bosses Hostage

france hostages

When socialist workers in France don’t like their bosses…they kidnap them!

Disgruntled workers at Goodyear France held two members of their senior management team captive for around 30 hours this week, in a bid to force the company to increase their redundancy pay.

And because everyone knows business managers are evil and greedy people who deserve to be kidnapped, the gov’t doesn’t lift a finger to punish the righteous socialist hostage takers.

The head of US tyre firm Titan International Maurice Taylor, who has offered to partially take over the Goodyear plant, told Europe 1 radio: “In the United States, that would be called a kidnapping. These people would be arrested. It’s a very serious crime, you risk life in prison.

“But in France, your government does nothing, it’s crazy.”

Ain’t socialism grand!

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