White House Ignores Obamacare, NSA Debacles in ‘Favorite Online Moments of 2013’ List

Guest Post by Kristinn Taylor

The Obama administration on Tuesday published a year-end list of the White House’s “Favorite Online Moments of 2013” to propagandize the Team Obama as masters of the Internet.

The thirteen item list, posted by Kori Schulman, Director of Online Engagement for the Office of Digital Strategy, includes boasting about making cute GIFs for Tumblr; video clips for Vine; President Barack Obama holding online sessions on Kindle, Google+ Hangout and Zillow; Obama photos being posted by the administration on Instagram and several officials joining Twitter.


Not mentioned by Ms. Schulman is even a passing acknowledgement of the world renowned failure of the Obamacare Website in October of 2013 or the exposure by Edward Snowden of the Obama administration’s monitoring and cataloguing the online activities of nearly every citizen and leader of the world.

While the Obama administration, aided by a sycophantic media, portrays itself as the hippest, cutting edgiest players on the Web, the debut of Obamacare exposed the sheer incompetence and hubris of Team Obama for all to see.

Millions of Americans wasted millions of hours trying in vain to sign up for Obamacare online or to at least get information about available plans.

As several million Americans started getting notices their health insurance would be cancelled in 2014 because of Obamacare regulations, which was contrary to promises made by Obama and his minions, the White House tried to spin its way out of culpability.

Close presidential advisor Valerie Jarrett was roundly criticized for a tweet attempting to blame insurance companies for people losing their health insurance due to Obamacare.

Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer was called out for attacking a woman battling Stage IV cancer who had the temerity to go public after Obamacare mandates forced her off her life-saving health insurance plan for inferior coverage.

Team Obama was exposed for coordinating pro-Obamacare stories with the AP and CNN online.

The White House Website was found to still have a 2010 posting by then Assistant to the President and Deputy Senior Advisor Stephanie Cutter headlined: Yes, You Can Keep Your Health Plan.

Another online debacle for the Obama administration stemmed from its limiting access by the media to official events in favor of staff propaganda photos posted online by the White House. That practice drew vociferous protests and refusals to use the photos by some in the media.

The ongoing Snowden revelations, too numerous to list here, of the Obama administration’s spying on nearly everyone online have shocked the world.

A few years ago, the White House posting a year-in-review of online favorite moments would have been treated as a cute blog entry. After this year from hell online for the Obama administration, it comes off as Obama-style North Korean propaganda.

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