VIDEO: Future Son’s of Obama – Trayvon In Training

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

It’s an Obama world. What are the odds the parents in the video are Obama supporters? Obama-supporting parents training their kids on the language skills for a future career as a Trayvon thug. Liberal Dystopia.

Hat Tip Moonbattery who notes the following:


WARNING — the video below includes language so foul that in a healthy society, not even adults would have to listen to it, much less the featured toddler

Our liberal overlords are righteously appalled — not at the people who made the video of course, but at those who called attention to it

Infowars has more as follows:

After the Omaha Police Officers’ Association highlighted a shock video of a black toddler being encouraged by his family to spout obscenities as a warning against the “cycle of violence and thuggery,” subsequent outrage was not directed against the family but against the police association for being racist. […]

After the boy’s uncle uploaded the clip to Facebook because he found it “funny,” the Omaha Police Officers’ Association posted it on their own website as a public service to the community to, “educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.”

Most of the comments in response to the posting were supportive of the Omaha Police Officers’ Association while others accused the union of engaging in “racism”. Shortly after the issue began to attract wider attention, the ACLU, a community activist group, as well as pundits on CNN all insinuated that the police union was racist simply for drawing attention to the video. […]

ACLU of Nebraska Executive Director Becki Brenner said the union’s use of “racially charged language” was “very disconcerting,” adding that posting the video would erode trust amongst Omaha’s ethnic minorities, which make up around a quarter of the population.

However, the union didn’t use any racially charged language whatsoever, unlike the obscene family members in the video. […]

Read more here along with a CNN video report viewed here.

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