Suspicious White Powder Sent to Six Super Bowl Hotels – And Rudy Giuliani’s Office

Another crazed leftist loses his marbles–
Six hotels and Rudy Giuliani’s office received letters with suspicious white powder today.

super bowl

Six hotels near the New Jersey stadium hosting this year’s Super Bowl have received suspicious envelopes withe white powder inside.
NBC Miami reported:

Six hotels near the New Jersey stadium hosting the Super Bowl have received envelopes containing a suspicious white powder, NBC 4 New York has learned.

A law enforcement source tells NBC 4 New York that the hotels, none of which are housing the teams playing at MetLife Stadium, received the envelopes Friday.

Two other suspicious envelopes were discovered at nearby post offices. The message in all eight envelopes was similar, the source said. One location in Manhattan also received a suspicious envelope.

One official told NBC News that an initial field test on one letter showed the white powder to be baking soda.

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