Sarah Palin: Obama Will Hurt American Workers By Ramming Through Amnesty

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Millions of Americans decided to tune out Obama’s State of the Union Address this week. According to Nielson, Obama’s 2014 SOTU registered only a 21.8 household share rating, the lowest rating in 20 years.

Sarah Palin missed Obama’s “fantasy declaration” that “utopia’s-on-its-way” but later read his speech on her cell phone. She was not impressed.
Tony Lee at Breitbart reported:

While slamming the “extreme hubris” and “naïveté” in what she said was President Barack Obama’s rehashed State of the Union address, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin emphatically called out Obama for claiming to care about inequality, job creation, and American workers while pushing for amnesty that will reduce their wages and make it tougher for them to find jobs.

Via Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

If you skipped huddling around the TV last night for the State of the Union address because you’ve heard it all before, plus you were just busy with life, well… so did I. Putting the real world on hold to watch the fantasy declaration of “utopia’s-on-its-way” just isn’t efficient

…In an attempt to “fix” our health care system, government has taken away our health insurance and forced us to buy worse plans we don’t want and can’t afford.

To “stimulate” the economy, government blew a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus scheme that sunk us deeper into such a pile of debt that our great-great-great grandchildren won’t be able to pay it off. And our government still wants to blow more money we don’t have on “investments” that will incur more deficits year after year.

To “lead” us to energy independence, government throws billions at bankrupt boondoggle green energy gimmicks that conveniently reward campaign donors. Meanwhile, the President stymies development of conventional resources that we actually use and he kills a pipeline that’s guaranteed to provide jobs and reliable energy.

To “create” jobs, government has created more burdensome regulations and requirements and sat back to watch as a record number of Americans simply quit the workforce and gave up trying to find jobs that government can never create.

Speaking of which, while claiming to be concerned with job creation for American workers, our government is trying to ram through amnesty, which will result in a flood of foreign workers competing with Americans for the few jobs there are.

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