Safe Seat: Democrat Senator Dick Durbin Will Run On Obamacare!

Democrat Senator from Illinois, Dick Durbin, is running on Obamacare!

dick durbin

While most sane Democrats are running for the hills to get away from Obama and his disastrous policies, not Dick “Turban” Durbin. He’s running towards Obama and his disastrous policies.

From an official Durbin fundraising spam mail:

Earlier this month, another of the Republicans vying for this Senate seat sent out a fundraising appeal with some pretty out-of-touch attacks about our dear senator:

Durbin continues to support of [sic] Obamacare and the systematic deconstruction of one of the world’s most desired healthcare systems. […] It is time to elect someone who […] believes that our country and our state are worth saving!

Yes! Dick does support Obamacare and thinks it’s a much-needed step toward perfecting a broken healthcare system.

You stick with that one champ!

Unfortunately the people in his state have been driven into such poverty that they have no choice but to vote for Obama/Durbin handouts. But that’s a feature, not a bug of the #progressive political plantation.

Added funny kicker, Durbin’s office refers to Dick as “Our dear Senator” above. Why not just call him you dear leader?

Paranoid fever swamp portion of the letter:

Just a few days ago, one of the Republicans in this race boasted that he thinks he’ll be able to raise a whopping $20 million from “national organizations” in an attempt to capture this Senate seat and take over the Senate majority.

We know what that means in a post-Citizens United campaign world of unlimited, secret, right-wing money.

What’s so secret? Let’s compare Koch money to Soros money, Dick.


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