Rush Limbaugh: There’s No Way ObamaCare Can Sustain Itself (Video)

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on the latest Obamacare numbers today.

There’s an AP story about Obamacare that has a statistic, and they downplay this. It’s at the end of the story. Folks, we all know that this Obamacare thing is a disaster, and it’s gonna get worse as the months go by. As of now, of the people that have signed up — and that’s even a floating number that nobody really has a good handle on — four out of five, every four out of five enrollees is getting a subsidy of one kind. There’s no way that this can sustain itself. It just can’t.

Via The Daily Rushbo:

Four of five Obamacare enrollees receive a government subsidy.
Via the New Republic:
ocare subsidies


And, it looks like from the most recent Obamacare data nearly twice as many Americans signed up for Medicaid as did private insurance plans.
What a disaster.

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