Terrific! Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Delivers GOP Response to SOTU Address

Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers delivered the GOP response to the SOTU Address tonight.

** Here is her full speech.

McMorris Rodgers just delivered her third baby last year.


Here are a few interesting and fun facts about the Congresswoman:

** Cathy McMorris Rodgers is the Chairman of the House Republican conference. In her Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union Address she will articulate a conservative message – with broad appeal for all Americans – about how we believe a government that trusts the individual is the best way to help people find good-paying jobs, take home more of their paychecks, and build a thriving middle class. She will share this vision through her compelling personal story

** She grew up working at her family’s orchard in Eastern Washington state; she worked her way through college at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru to become the first in her family to graduate; and her oldest son has Down syndrome, which led her to become a vocal leader on disabilities issues and protecting our most vulnerable.

** McMorris Rodgers has given birth to three children since coming to Congress – making her the first in history to do so.

** The Republican address is not the opportunity to make a policy speech like the President has the time to do in the State of the Union. Instead, McMorris Rodgers will deliver a vision speech – what Republicans believe and why we think it will help people get ahead.

** The speech will champion the same conservative principles and values we always have and always will, but it might sound different as it is told through the lens of McMorris Rodgers’ personal story.

** Cathy McMorriss Rodgers gets things done in Congress. She is serving her fifth term in Congress, has served in leadership since 2009, won a highly-contested race for Conference Chair, and of the 72 laws signed by the President, TWO were McMorris Rodgers’.

McMorris Rodgers delivered a beautiful speech.

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