APPALLING! Public Unions Demand Dues From the Disabled & Their Caregiver Family Members

Public service Unions Demand Dues From Disabled People And Their Caregiver Family Members
It’s the #Progressive Way

Appalling! SEIU and AFSCME are demanding the right to seize money from disabled people. That’s not hyperbole.

Thanks to the Illinois Policy Institute, meet Pam Harris. Her son Josh is 25 and lives at home because he suffers from permanent genetic abnormalities. Caring for her son is a full time job and the state helps her make ends meet.

Now, SEIU and AFSCME are demanding a share of Josh’s support! Sadly, the Democrat governor of the state has abetted in this theft by issuing an executive order allowing the unions to deduct dues from disabled people’s aid.

Imagine having to pay union dues to collect food stamps or unemployment. That’s what the executive order meant for Josh. For him to continue receiving his Medicaid support and his mother to be his primary caretaker, the Harris family would be forced to give part of their benefit check to either the AFSCME or another union, the Service Employees International Union.

This is a union shakedown – pure and simple. Disgusting.


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