ONE in SEVEN New Mexico Obamacare Navigators Is Listed in FBI’s Crime Database

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One in seven Obamacare navigators in New Mexico is listed in the FBI’s crime information database.
one in seven

But these “experts” are here to serve you.
New Mexico Watchdog reported:

An investigation by the National Review, one of the leading conservative media outlets in the country, reports that one in seven navigators in New Mexico hired to help consumers work their way through the Affordable Care Act appeared on the FBI’s National Crime Information Center database.

But an official with the state’s Affordable Care Act Implementation Projects emphasizes that while a person’s name may turn up on the FBI database, it does not mean they pose any risk to consumers and says the navigators have been properly vetted.

According to the story, 38 New Mexico health-care guides or certified application counselors received their certification to deal with consumers working their way through what’s colloquially called “Obamacare,” even though their names matched the FBI database. The National Review’s inspection could not determine how many of the 38 navigators had actually been convicted of a crime.

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