Oh Waah… Charlie Crist Whines About Tea Party and Conservative Bloggers in New Book

Bittler Charlie Crist, the former Republican governor of Florida turned Democrat, is releasing a new book this week. The former conservative(?) is still bitter over his loss to Marco Rubio in the Republican primary in 2010.  And he holds no love for conservative bloggers, including Michelle Malkin, RedState, HotAir, The Shark Tank and Gateway Pundit, and the Tea Party.
The Shark Tank reported:

The book is an interesting read, especially when the “tanned man” takes swipes at his 2014 Republican gubernatorial opponent, Rick Scott.

You know Crist was going to go after Scott, considering that he needs to do all he can to marginalize Scott to potential donors and voters.

But in my opinion, the far the best part of the book comes on page 165, where Crist acknowledges conservatives, like me, my friends Jim Hoft, Michelle Malkin, and Tea Party groups who were eventually responsible for his demise in his failed 2010 U.S. Senate race against Senator Marco Rubio.

I noticed, conservative bloggers played a vital role getting the anti-Obama message out. Fox News contributor Michelle Malkin, Matt Drudge protege Andrew Breitbart, Seattle’s Keli Carender, and sites with names like Hot Air, Redstate, the Gateway Pundit, and Townhall. Javier Manjarres had a Tea Party slant on Florida on his Shark Tank blog.-Charlie Crist (image)
Crist went on to mention FreedomWorks, and the Kock brother’s Americans For Prosperity (AFP) as piling on the Tea Party movement early on.

The presence of these big dollar conservative donors made be wonder just how grassroots a movement the Tea Party was.

Here’s the page from his book, via The Shark Tank.
crist new book gateway pundit
Crist goes on to accuse the Tea Party of not being “grassroots.”

There’s nothing worse than a bitter turncoat progressive.

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