Obama Fun Fact: African-Americans Squeezed Out of Housing Market – Can’t Find Jobs

Five years in to Barack Obama’s presidency, the number of African-Americans participating in the labor force has hit rock bottom. The current rate for African American men in the labor force fell 0.7 percentage points to 65.6 percent in December, the lowest on record.
black unemployment rate

That’s not all.
A recent study found that African-Americans are also more likely to get denied a home lone than other ethnic groups.
CNN reported:

More African-Americans are being squeezed out of the housing market.
Not only are they less likely to apply for a mortgage than any other ethnic group, but African-Americans are also 2.4 times more likely to get denied a mortgage than Whites, a recent study conducted by Zillow and the National Urban League found.

blacks homes

Barack Obama captured 93% of the black vote in 2012.
This is their reward – Jobless, homeless and in poverty.


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