Obama Administration Retaliates Against Catholic Priest Who Was Barred From Naval Base During Shutdown

When they’re not attacking the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Obama administration is abusing Catholic priests.

kings bay
The church at Kings Bay Naval Base before the shutdown and before the doors were locked. (Happy Hour)

In October 2013, the Obama Administration shut down Catholic Services at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia. The church was also locked down.


Now the Obama administration is retaliating against Fr. Ray Leonard, the priest who broke the news that the Obama administration was abusing Catholic clergy and servicemen and women.
The Washington Free Beacon reported:

A Catholic Navy chaplain barred from practicing his religion during the recent government shutdown is now the target of retaliation by the federal government, according to an amended complaint filed by his attorneys.

Rev. Ray Leonard filed a lawsuit in October against the Department of Defense and the Navy after he was threatened with arrest if he performed mass, administered the sacraments, or entered the chapel at the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in Georgia during the shutdown.

Three DOJ attorneys contacted Erin Mersino, his attorney at the Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), which is handling the case, a day after the suit was filed and indicated Leonard could resume all religious duties and the chapel would be reopened for Catholic services.

A week later, on Oct. 21, he was told his DOD contract would no longer be considered valid.

The government has withheld the priest’s pay ever since and it is also asking Leonard to sign another contract with additional pages that include “onerous terms,” according to the TMLC.

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