NAUGHTY DEMOCRAT Resigns After Asking Female Staffers to Dress as Sexy Elves

Another naughty, naughty Democrat resigns in shame.


Dennis Gabryszak ( photo from NY Daily News)

NY Democrat Assemblyman, Dennis Gabryszak resigned Sunday after mounting claims of sexual harassment and misconduct by his staffers. The staffers claim he sent a video of himself “receiving oral sex”, they claimed he also asked them dress like sexy elves, go to strip clubs and massage parlors. Gabryszak, married with two children, also sponsored a “Healthy Workplace Bill” in 2012 to “crackdown on abuse in the workplace”. Since he has decided to resign, the Ethics Committee must end their investigation because the committee has no jurisdiction over former state representatives. Gabryszak’s state website page has already been removed.

Daily Mail reported:


The latest accusation came from longtime communications director Kristy Mazurek, the Daily News reported.

Ms Mazurek, 43, said in a court filing that Mr Gabryszak suggested she and another female staffer dress up as sexy elves and sit on his lap for an office Christmas photo.

Kimberly Snickles, 26, who also served as Director of Communications, from May 2013 through October 2013, alleges that she was asked by Gabryszak to accompany him to a massage parlor her first week on the job.

Ms Snickles also says that Mr Gabryszak asked her to stay over at his apartment. She claims he even joked to both her and an intern that he had a ‘tattoo on his penis.’ 

In her testimony, Ms Snickles says Mr Gabryszak ‘regularly told her and a co-worker that they should wear bikinis to his events.’ Ms Snickles claims that she scheduled a meeting with him regarding his behavior — but he never showed up. 

Jamie L. Campbell, 24, Mr Gabryszak’s former legislative director from 2010 to 2013, says she received a video from him in 2011 that showed the man in a bathroom stall ‘either receiving or pretending to be receiving fellatio.’

Ms Campbell’s testimony also says that Mr Gabryszak frequently told her about women he wanted to have sex with, and ‘alluded to a prior affair with a former assemblywoman.’ He also reportedly talked about prostitutes and going to a strip club regularly. 

In one of the most shocking allegations, she says Mr Gabryszak offered her $100,000 to move to relocate for her job. When Ms Campbell said that she couldn’t because of her fiance, Mr Gabryszak allegedly said ‘I guess I will just have to get your fiance to break up with you.’

The third former staffer involved in the suit, Annalise C. Freling, 28, who served as Director of Communications from 2011 through 2013, claims Mr Gabryszak attempted to take her out on Valentine’s Day in 2011 and give her a set of pearls.

Ms Freling says Mr Gabryszak made a number of remarks on her appearance, including ‘you’re so hot, you know what I want to do with you.’

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