Nancy Pelosi: When Bush Was President ‘We Treated Him With Great Respect’ (Video)

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Greta Van Susteren tonight On the Record to discuss the current State of the Union. Pelosi blamed the Tea Party for the problems in Washington DC. She also said Democrats treated George W. Bush with respect.

“There’s an element in the Republican Party and I tell my Republican friends, ‘Take back your party.’ Because the party’s being driven by an ideological extreme set within the party that is anti-government, they wanted to shut it down. Well, they shut it down. So they’re anti-government, anti-science and anti-Obama. So it’s a trifecta… But, I’ll also say this. When President Bush was president we treated him with great respect. We disagreed with him in the War in Iraq. We disagreed with him in Social Security… But, as I said, we respected President Bush.

In May 2004 Pelosi questioned Bush’s competence.
In July 2008 Pelosi called Bush a total failure.
In 2013 Pelosi blamed Bush for the IRS targeting scandal.

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