Muslim Brotherhood Loyalists Attack Police Guarding Cairo Coptic Church

cairo church
Over thirty-five churches were attacked, damaged or destroyed during violence and protests that rocked Egypt earlier this month. (Christian Post)

Muslim Brotherhood loyalists attacked police outside a Coptic Church in Cairo on New Year’s Eve.
NOW reported. via Religion of Peace:

Egyptian Islamists clashed with police Tuesday outside a church in Cairo, security officials said, as Christians held prayers to mark the New Year.

The Islamists, with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, had been marching when they clashed with police standing guard outside the church.

The movement of deposed president Mohamed Morsi was designated a terrorist group last week, furthering a crackdown on the Islamists since Morsi’s overthrow in July.

The Islamists have blamed Christians for supporting Morsi’s ouster by the military on July 3, following days of massive protests demanding the Islamist’s resignation.

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