MMA Fighter Joe Torrez Refuses To Be A Victim; Successfully Fights Off 4 Home Invaders

Guest Post by Mara Zebest


Hat Tip GunsSaveLives who notes:

“This one is not gun related, but is certainly a story of self defense and refusing to be a victim.”

Mixed Martial Arts [MMA] fighter Joseph Torrez was able to fight off four men that invaded his home, killing one of the invaders, severely injuring another, and the remaining two suspects ran off but were eventually apprehended by police. The description of the fight may possibly prove true a movie line from the Jack Reacher fight scene (starting at around the 2:45 marker) which claims that if you take out the strongest man first, followed by the wing man, the last two always run away.


LCSun-news offers more on the incident as follows:

A home invasion early New Year’s Day left one alleged intruder dead, another hospitalized and two others in jail as the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate.

Deputies found Sal Garces, 25, stabbed and beaten near a home in the 600 block of King James Avenue in Doña Ana. He died at the scene.

Around that time, Nathan Avalos, 20, was transported to an El Paso hospital with what DASO called “severe” facial injuries.

Garces, his 19-year-old brother Raymond Garces, Avalos and 22-year-old Leonard Calvillo reportedly had forced their way into the mobile home about 2 a.m.

Once inside, the deadly fight started among the alleged intruders and the 27-year-old man living there. He has not been charged in connection to the incident because authorities believe he acted in self-defense. […]

Witnesses told McElhinney that one of the intruders was armed with a crude shank. Another grabbed a knife once inside the home.

But, in interviews with McElhinney, the man was uncertain when Sal Garces was fatally stabbed.

“He was fighting for his life,” said McElhinney of his client, a man who has fought in professional mixed martial arts bouts.

The man suffered minor injuries, McElhinney said.

Nobody else in the home was injured.

Calvillo was on probation for a drug-related conviction at the time of the incident, court records show. As a result, his probation has been revoked and he was being held without bond at the Doña Ana County Detention Center.

Calvillo was charged with aggravated battery, two counts of conspiracy (related to burglary and battery) and criminal damage to property.

Raymond Garces, who was on an ankle monitor at the time of his arrest, was charged with two counts of conspiracy and criminal damage to property. He was being held at the detention center on a $10,000 secured bond.

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