MIDDLE CLASS ASSAULT: 64% of Americans Making $50K to $75K Per Year Pay More Taxes Due to Obamacare

In 2009, Barack Obama promised no Obamacare tax.
Obama told “Face the Nation” the middle class “would not be forced to pay for this.”

It was a lie.

Obamacare is an assault on the Middle Class.
64% of Americans who make $50K to $75K per year say they are paying more taxes due to Obamacare.
FOX Business News reported:

The troubled launch of America’s first online public health insuranceexchanges may have eroded consumers’ confidence in Obamacare, President Barack Obama’s landmark health care reform.

Bankrate’s latest Health Insurance Pulse survey shows that 48% of all respondents would repeal Obamacare, while 38% would keep it in place.

The numbers reflect a softening in public support for health reform since the problem-plagued Oct. 1 debut of HealthCare.gov, the federal exchange for 36 states that currently don’t have their own. A Pulse survey taken shortly before the website launch had found an even split in public support for health reform, at 46%…


** 64% of those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 per year say they’ve had more money withheld from their pay for health insurance, compared with only 38% of people making less than $30,000.
** 34% of rural Americans with health insurance through work say they have less choice of doctors, while just 18% of urban dwellers and 16% of suburbanites say that.
** 20% of part-time workers say they’ve lost coverage for a spouse or child, versus just 5% of those employed full-time.

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