Melissa Harris-Perry Demeans Kieran Romney and All Adoptees With the Politics of Racism

Guest Post by Clifford Crestodina

I am not politically active.  As a multi-racial adoptee I am calling for the termination of Melissa Harris-Perry.

I am an adopted child of a mixed race family.  I too have felt the kinds of racial bigotry expressed by Melissa Harris-Perry.  Throughout my childhood I regularly heard the comments that, “I didn’t belong in a white family”.  How nice to find final confirmation by MSNBC.


What right do she and MSNBC have to determine “racial purity” in a family?
This is a disgrace.

This woman, clearly showing herself to be a bigot, did even more than pronounce that the Kieran Romney didn’t racially fit into the family.  She went far beyond that.  She went so far as to redefine the metaphysics of a person into a “thing”.  Has the management of MSNBC lost all of its sense of social responsibility?

In the MSNBC campaign of Lean Forward she is quoted as saying that children belong to the community.  This is a view and can be her own.  But she doesn’t have the right to define family along ethnic lines.  She doesn’t have the right to declare that if you don’t share the same color as your parents you aren’t even a person – you are, in her words, a thing.  Of course she can make this declaration but in doing so she has surrendered her right to represent MSNBC.

Without going too far astray it would be instructive to understand  which collective “thing” Kieran Romney belongs according to Harris-Perry.

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