‘Lunatic’ NYC Principal Who Presided Over Rat-Infested School Ruled by Threats, Targeted White Teachers

Madam Principal Marcella Sills drove around NYC in a BMW and fur coats while her deal with rat infestation and no books.
When Marcella came to work she was typically hours late.

Principal Marcella Sills (NY Post)

Principal Marcella Sills (NY Post)

There’s more…
Marcella Sills could not read or write at a junior high school level and was charged with racism for targeting white teachers.
The New York Post reported:

They knew.

Teachers begged city officials to investigate “School of No” Principal Marcella Sills soon after she started in 2005 — citing her constant tardiness, harassment of staff and extravagant spending on parties while the school lacked books, pencils and paper.

“Get rid of her before it’s too late,” a 2007 letter urged District 27 Superintendent Michelle Lloyd-Bey, who oversees Queens principals…

…Sills, 48, was a graduate of the DOE’s “Leadership Academy,” which trains principals, and had little teaching experience. Insiders said she lacked literacy skills, noting her invitation to a Nov. 23, 2005, holiday buffet “in honor of my gradutitude” to employees, including “security personel” and “custodially staff members.”

Sills ruled by threats and intimidation, ex-staffers complained. She “yells at a volume that resounds throughout the building, slams doors and uses foul language,” a 2006 letter to Condon claims.

That letter also accuses Sills of racism: “She has hired only black teachers and has targeted white teachers and a secretary.” Many left or were forced out.

One former teacher charged that Sills fabricated several observations, rated her “unsatisfactory” and then forged her signature on the documents


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