Local Government Official & Convicted Felon Busted for Drugs, Possible Food Stamp Fraud

Local government official Luvina Smith, a convicted felon, was busted this week for drug possession and possible food stamp fraud.
Luvina takes after her mother, the former mayor of Alorton, who served two years for stealing from the city.

KMOV reported:

A local government official was busted for drug procession last week and police say she had five EBT cards with her.

Those cards were sent to the Department of Agriculture as a part of a federal investigation into possible food stamp fraud.

The Deputy Clerk for Alorton, Luvina Smith, was arrested a week ago in Brooklyn, charged with marijuana possession, after police say they found a quarter pound of pot in the car she was driving. Police also took five government EBT cards from her…

…When it comes to crime, Smith, a convicted felon, learned from one of Alorton’s legendary criminals; her own mother, longtime mayor Callie Mobley, who was prosecuted for stealing from the village. She eventually served two years in prison for income tax evasion.

Chief Tomlinson has his photo on all his credit cards. If the government put cardholder’s photos on EBT cards, he’s convinced it would reduce fraud in a program that costs taxpayers $80 billion a year.

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