Lib Media Ignores Obama’s Second Inaugural Anniversary – Avoids Reporting on Year of Humiliations, Failure

Guest post by Kristinn Taylor

obama sad failure

One is hard pressed to find one-year retrospectives in the media today marking the anniversary of the start of President Barack Obama’s second term.

If they did so, the Obama-loving media would have to catalogue a year of failure and humiliation that has led to fellow Democrats avoiding Obama when he visits their states.


Disasters in domestic and foreign policy including Obamacare, employment, the Middle East and the NSA spying scandal have left Obama less popular than President George W. Bush at a similar point in his second term (and just above ‘Watergate-plagued’ President Richard Nixon.)

A Google News search turns up just one paragraph in the media today marking Obama’s second inaugural anniversary. Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt wrote that paragraph noting Obama is upside down in polling with an average 43% approval versus 52% disapproval rating.

In keeping with the media’s portrayal of the Obamas as pop culture icons, there were numerous articles published the past few days on First Lady Michelle Obama’s ball gown from last year’s inauguration going on display at the Smithsonian.

It is telling that the Obamas themselves did not mark the anniversary as part of their mega-party at the White House Saturday night celebrating Mrs. Obama’s fiftieth birthday.

Contrast the media’s gushing blanket fangirl coverage of Mrs. Obama’s birthday with the lack of coverage noting the anniversary of her husband’s second inaugural. Sometimes media bias can be observed not just by how a story is reported, but how a story is ignored.

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