Idiot John Kerry: Root Cause of Terrorism Is Poverty

kerry dope vatican
Secretary of State John Kerry talks with Archbishop Pietro Parolin at the Vatican. (PABLO MARTINEZ MONSIVAIS / AP)

What an idiot.
Secretary of State John Kerry met with his counterpart Pietro Parolin at the Vatican in Rome on Monday. After their meeting Kerry said this, via Weekly Standard:

We talked about the common interest of Pope Francis and President Obama in addressing poverty and extreme poverty on a global basis. The United States of America is deeply involved in efforts in Africa and in other parts of the world – in Asia, South Central Asia – to address this poverty, as is the Catholic Church. And so we have a huge common interest in dealing with this issue of poverty, which in many cases is the root cause of terrorism or even the root cause of the disenfranchisement of millions of people on this planet.

Someone needs to inform the Secretary of State – The international jihad network was behind 95% of world’s suicide bombings in 2013.

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